Funeral & Cremation Planning

The time we share on earth is a precious gift. And when that time comes to an end, your family faces a heavy burden. They must cope with grief and loss beyond words, and at the same time, prepare to say goodbye.

Arranging a funeral and final resting place for someone you love is never easy. There are endless decisions, details, and uncertainty. During such an emotional and stressful time, it is often difficult for family members to make decisions as they try to carry out their loved one’s wishes. While it is certainly the role of a funeral director to step in and provide guidance during this difficult time, it is always best for families to discuss funeral arrangements before anyone dies.

A good way to get that conversation started with your family is by sharing what matters most to you in life and how you would like to be remembered.  Click here for ideas on how to get that conversation started with your family.

Funeral Preplanning Brentwood TN

Let us help Celebrate Your Story

Funeral planning can be as simple as jotting down some of your wishes or as extensive as arranging every detail and pre-funding the funeral. Either way, one of our directors would be glad to meet with you in your home or a place that is convenient for you to discuss your options. Please know that there is no obligation to use our services or to make any kind of payment upfront. We welcome any questions and would be honored with the opportunity to help plan services for you or for a loved one.

Click here for a complete guide to funeral and cremation planning.

Benefits of Planning Ahead

  • Peace of Mind. Arranging today, before death has occurred, is handling a family matter. Arranging at the time of death is dealing with a family crisis. By planning ahead you will have true peace of mind knowing that you have taken care of your family and all the details involved with your funeral.
  • Fix the Cost. If you decide to prepay, you guarantee today’s prices, and can also take advantage of affordable payment plans. This could amount to a significant savings if you pre-fund your funeral years in advance because you will be protected against inflation.
  • Personal Choice. Planning a funeral is a deeply personal matter and should be given much thought by you and your family members. Planning ahead provides you with the time needed to make practical decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste, and budget. And at the time of death, you can rest assured that our staff will carry out your final wishes as planned.
  • Gift to Family. Many people who have undergone the emotional strain of arranging a funeral immediately following the death of a loved one have made the choice to plan their own funerals in advance. Doing so lifts the burden of having to make countless decisions during a time of grief and emotional stress. Planning ahead also prevents emotional overspending.

Truly, the best time to plan a funeral is before anyone dies. Over and over people will tell us of their relief and gratitude that their loved one had already planned his or her own funeral. You can be certain that the staff of Austin Funeral & Cremation Services will carry out your final wishes in a manner that provides space and comfort to those you love while they mourn.

Transferable Arrangements

Austin Funeral & Cremation Services will honor pre-planned funerals made at other funeral homes. At your request and with a simple phone call, our directors can change the assignment of benefits to Austin Funeral & Cremation Services. There are no transfer costs or hidden fees involved with this process.  In many cases, because of our affordable pricing, monies will be refunded back to a family or estate at the time of death.

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