Planning Guides

Planning Guides

Each of these guides are downloadable files that you can easily print. For your convenience, we encourage you to print the guide that is applicable to your needs and make your own notes in the margins.

How to Plan When Death is Imminent or Has Occurred

This guide is for those who have just lost a loved one or are expecting to lose a loved one in the near future. It will help your family know what to do when death occurs, step-by-step, and it will also prepare you with what to expect when making funeral arrangements.

Click here to view the Funeral Planning Guide

Complete Guide to Preplanning

This guide was created for those who are planning ahead, before death is imminent. Some people choose to plan their own funeral years in advance to take the burden off of family members. If you’re thinking about planning a funeral for yourself or for a loved one, this guide is for you. Planning can be as simple as jotting down your wishes or elaborate as planning every detail and pre-funding your funeral. Either way, this guide will help you as you begin the planning process.

Click here to view the Preplanning Guide

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